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Maximize your on-chain efficiency with LLC Crypto™. Expedited LLC turnarounds, technical execution consultation, and education for users of all levels on the key topics of DeFi, crypto, and Web3.

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  • Setting up an LLC for your crypto portfolio that offers more legal protection and tax efficiency potential for any crypto investment.
  • Education on workflow and technical execution strategies to make sure you are getting the most out of every dollar saved.
  • Education on the key concepts of the ever-evolving world of DeFi, Cryptocurrency, and Web3. Learn about how they impact you and your LLC's efficiency.

Consultation + LLC Formation

60 min consultation + 2 - 5 business days LLC formation Includes state formation fee $900

LLC Formation

2 - 5 business days Includes state formation fee $800
Why should you create an LLC for your crypto portfolio?

LLCs are a simple and inexpensive way to protect your personal assets and save money on taxes. One should consider forming an LLC when there’s risk involved in the business or when your business could greatly benefit from tax options and increased credibility. creates an LLC for you, gives you a consultation on how to properly use your LLC, and sends you to the correct third party crypto tax software. Here are some benefits of creating an LLC for your crypto portfolio:

  • Creating a separate entity other than yourself dedicated to your crypto portfolio, so now you're turning your portfolio into a business!
  • Added tax benefits and options writing off taxable events such as gas fees, node creation, losses, rugs, and more!
  • You're able to use this LLC for other things such as mining crypto, hosting nodes, and data hosting!
  • Legitimize your crypto funds, if you plan to go full time into crypto you need to have legitimized income, and with your LLC you have that security.
  • Able to leverage your crypto portfolio into building business credit!
Usecase scenarios

Ex 1: A crypto currency mining operation that is structured as an LLC has liability protection, can write-off business expenses, can save money on self-employment taxes, and more!

Ex 2. A portfolio full of nodes, other blockchain infrastructure projects, and yield bearing NFT’s that is structured as an LLC has liability protection, you can write-off business expenses such as gas fees, node creations, NFT deprecation, and learn about much more!

Ex 3. Cryptocurrency traders can benefit greatly as well because profits and losses from trading are treated by the IRS as capital gains or capital losses. In an LLC, capital gains can be offset by business expenses. And, as an LLC, cryptocurrency traders can write-off casualty losses!

Ex 4. Cryptocurrency professionals can save money on taxes by forming an LLC. Consultants, youtubers, bloggers, discord groups, could benefit greatly from the tax options an LLC offers!

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Tax forms

US Single Member LLC


We will form your LLC, provide you with your EIN, set up a consultation with our tax specialists, and provide you with a discount to our third party partner crypto tax software!

A limited liability company is a formal business structure (created as per state law) where the business is legally distinct from the owner(s). It may have a single owner in the case of a Single-Member LLC or multiple owners in the case of a Multi-Member LLC.

An Employer Identification Number is the tax identification number for your organization and a requirement of many banks or institutions (such as the IRS) to carry out business in the US. Once your EIN is acquired, you can apply for business bank accounts and payment gateways.

Now that you have an LLC, you will have to file forms under the LLC which we have included in our Tax Filing page, also to get how much you have to pay you use our partner software and get 20% off.

There are annual fees that are due to the state yearly to keep your LLC compliant. These fees vary state by state (For example, the Delaware annual franchise tax fee is $300)


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"Extremely easy to set up, seamless and absolutely no confussion at all, even for someone that knows nothing about entities."

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"It was awesome and completely hands off. I didn't know the process to get an LLC set up, so it was great to have you go through the whole process for me. Thanks again!"

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